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Video Transcripts:
Paper Reviews: Introduction to the myPASS Schedule

Transcripts for Writing Center videos

Paper Reviews: Introduction to the myPASS Schedule

Last update 6/21/2019


Visual: The screen changes to a calendar with a date circled and the following text: Paper Review Appointment Schedule.

Audio: The Writing Center’s paper review appointment schedule is called myPASS; this is the schedule where you’ll reserve appointments with the Writing Center and download our feedback.  


Visual: The screen changes to the Writing Center’s home page. The speaker shows clicking the “Paper Reviews” button on the left-side of the home page. The speaker then clicks the “Go to myPASS” button.

Audio: You can access the myPASS schedule through our website or…


Visual: The screen changes to show a sample myWalden portal, with the Help menu and SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT highlighted. The screen then changes to show the option to choose the Writing Center’s schedule.

Audio: …through your myWalden portal. Either approach works just fine.


Visual: The screen changes to show the log-in page for the myPASS schedule. There are policies and announcements on the right and the option to register for an account or log into the schedule on the left. As the speaker talks, the screen zooms into the option on the left to “Register for an account.”

Audio: myPASS is not associated with your Walden email or portal log-in, so you’ll need to create an account.


Visual: The speaker clicks “Register for an account” and the registration page is shown. There are multiple fields to be filled out, as described by the speaker.

Audio: First, click Register for an account. Then fill out the fields, including your email address, first and last name, Walden ID, Walden enrollment information, language, and residence. While we recommend you use your Walden email to create an account, you can use your email of choice.  Finally, create a password and set your notification preferences. Finalize your account by clicking “Register.”

I know these may seem like a lot of questions, but you’ll answer them just once and they will help us give you better writing feedback.


Visual: The screen goes back to the myPASS log-in page. The speaker highlights the log-in section where users can log-in with the account they created.

Audio: You’re now registered in our myPASS schedule and can log in with your email and the password you created.


Visual: The screen changes to the main myPASS schedule. The schedules menu—which includes the Graduate Coursework Schedule, Undergraduate Schedule, and Preproposal Schedule—is highlighted. The ability to navigate to the previous week, current week, and next week’s schedules are also highlighted. The organization of the schedule by day and writing instructor is highlighted.

Audio: This is the myPASS schedule. Note that there are three schedules, each for different groups of students, so be sure to choose the schedule that’s most appropriate to you. You can also navigate to previous and past weeks to see past appointments or make future appointments. Finally, you can see here that there are multiple slots open, organized by day and writing instructor. The white boxes are open appointments you can reserve, while the blue boxes are unavailable appointments. Your appointments will appear in yellow.


Visual: The screen changes to a calendar with a date circled and the following text: Paper Review Appointment Schedule. As the speaker talks, the following email is shown:

Audio: You’re now ready to create your own user account and access the Writing Center’s myPASS scheduling system! For details about how to make an appointment and more information about navigating myPASS, see our other how-to videos. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to working with you in a paper review appointment soon!


Visual: The screen changes to end with the words “Walden University Writing Center” and “Questions? E-mail”