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Video Transcripts

Faculty Voices: Faculty Introduction: Dr. Laurel Walsh

Visual: Video opens to the opening title with the video series title, Faculty Voices: Walden Talks Writing, then the title, “Faculty Introduction: Dr. Laurel Walsh.”

Visual: The screen changes to show each speaker talking to the camera in their home offices. Each person’s name and college is listed as they speak.


Dr. Laurel Walsh, Riley College of Education and Leadership: Hello, my name is Laurel Walsh, and I serve as a doctoral chair and mentor and faculty member in the Riley College. I work with EdD candidates who are writing their capstone projects, and I teach the art of online teaching, a course that are as a post master served in our area. My passion for composition is long-standing. I started as a form and style editor with Walden's Writing Center, so I got to interact with students from across the university who were all working on their capstones, and I've been with Walden for about 11 years, teaching at all degree levels, right now, obviously, with our doctoral candidates, but I did have an opportunity earlier to work with undergraduate students and their writing as well.

Visual: The video ends with the closing title with the video series title, Faculty Voices: Walden Talks Writing and the Writing Center’s e-mail address: