Faculty Voices: How Does Academic Integrity Relate to Students' Professional Lives? With Dr. Darci Harland

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Dr. Darci Harland, Riley College of Education and Leadership: A strong foundation and academic integrity will help our students greatly as they, they move further up in the field of education. Giving credit where credit is due is like the Golden Rule. You know, those in educational systems value hard work, finding solutions to solve problems, and practicing positive ethical standards in Walden work only strengthen and support the ethics that we value in those higher positions in education.

Students in the College of Education are educators, they’re dean, they’re principals, they’re university faculty, and ethical standards that they are held to in their professional lives dovetail very nicely with the ethical standards expected of all educators. Most educators I know are, like, super friendly, they're nice, and they would give you the shirt off their back if you asked. They swap materials, they share resources, they write curriculum together, they share everything with that new teacher to help her get started. And while I love this about teachers, sometimes it's a shock to our students who have been borrowing ideas forever without really having to say where it came from or understand the history of how that started and how that was passed on to them. And so, I find that it takes teachers a little while, but they do learn really quickly and appreciate knowing where those ideas came from and the fact that they are allowed to build on the ideas of others, but that they do have to give reference to where those ideas originally came from.

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