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Module Preview: Web Page Reference Entries

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Module Preview: Web Page Reference Entries

Last updated: 4/19/2016


Visual: The words, “Module Preview: Webpage Reference Entries,” appear in a green box at the top of the screen above a picture of an open book with a pair of glasses resting on it. A green box at the bottom of the screen appears that reads, “how to find the right information.”

Audio: The Webpage Reference Entries module teaches students how to format reference entries for webpages, focusing specifically on how to find the right information to include in a webpage reference entry.


Visual: The screen shifts to a new page titled, “This module might be a good fit for you.” As the narrator lists the reasons to take the module, they appear on the screen.

Audio: This module might be a good fit if you: are new to referencing in APA, use webpages or websites in your writing, or are not sure which author, publication year, or title to use in webpage reference entries.


Visual: The screen shifts to show the webpage a person would see when enrolled in the module. There are links to access the quizzes, tutorials, and certificate of completion. As the narrator mentions each piece of the module, a black outline surrounds those links.

Audio: This interactive, self-paced module includes a premodule quiz, five tutorials, a postmodule quiz, and a certificate of completion. Once you complete the premodule quiz, the four tutorials will become unlocked.


Visual: In the upper-left hand corner, screenshots from the module begin to appear. These include: a page explaining why being able to reference websites is useful, a review page, a page reviewing an example reference entry, a page explaining a common error, and a page about missing authors.

Audio: These tutorials will provide you with an overview of webpage reference entry format, as well as examples to help you learn the specific formatting needed. You will also learn how to find the right information to include in your webpage reference entry, as well as what to do if information is missing. Finally, you will also explore common errors and their corrections in webpage reference entries.


Visual: The screenshots disappear, leaving only the main module webpage visible.

Audio: Once you complete the tutorials, take the postmodule quiz until you pass with an 80% score, at which time you can save a certificate of completion.


Visual: In the upper-right hand corner, a sample certificate of completion appears and disappears.

Audio: Webpage reference entries are simple once you know how to format them. When you’re ready to learn this foundational knowledge, register for and complete this module!


Visual: The screen shifts to show the open book with glasses on top of it again. The page reads, “Questions? E-mail”