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Video Transcripts

Academic Writing for Multilingual Students: Follow Faculty Expectations

Last update 7/7/2017


Visual: Walden logo at bottom of screen along with notepad and pencil background.

Audio: Guitar music.


Visual: The video’s title is displayed on a background image of a dictionary page. The screen opens to the following slides: Follow Faculty Expectations

Expectations may differ from what you are used to because of varying educational backgrounds

  • Interaction with faculty is expected
  • Approach with questions
  • Ask for models and samples
  • Follow the grading rubric to be sure you have all the required parts of the assignment

Audio: Understanding and following faculty expectations can be challenging, especially if the culture and language are different from what you are used to. Attending an online university, such as Walden, for the first time may bring additional challenges to being successful.

Expectations for classroom behavior may vary based on different educational backgrounds. For example, in some cultures, the power distance between the teacher and the student is perceived as high. In these cultures, students are not allowed to question or interact with the teacher. In the United States, the power distance is typically lower. Here, students are expected to ask questions for clarification, and they are often expected to be an active participant in the class. In an online class, this might be something like posting in online discussion boards or asking questions to promote discussion. If you come from a culture where the power distance between the teacher and the student is typically high, it may be surprising to see how students and faculty relate to one another in an American university. You may notice that the student-teacher relationship is less formal and more collaborative than what you are used to.  

The expectations of the writing assignments may also be different. There may be differences in organization, differences in how to support ideas, or differences in the amount of analysis required. To learn these differences and to fully understand what is expected, approach the faculty with questions about assignment expectations. Also, you could ask for model and sample assignments and papers to look at. In addition, be sure to follow the grading rubric provided to you so that you can check that you have all the required parts of the assignment. Being aware of these differences and following these tips should help you to follow faculty expectations.


Visual: The screen changes to end with the words “Walden University Writing Center” and “Questions? E-mail”