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myPASS: Joining a Waiting List

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myPASS: Joining a Waiting List for Notifications About Appointment Openings

Last updated 8/4/2016


Visual: The screen opens on the Graduate Coursework Schedule on the myPASS schedule with a blank appointment form open.

Audio: If no appointments are available for the date you would like, you can sign up to be on an appointment waiting list. There isn’t a waiting list for the entire schedule, but each date has an individual waiting list. To join a waiting list, click on the clock icon next to a date in the schedule.


Visual: The speaker hovers the mouse over the clock icon and the message “Join the waiting list for Tuesday and be notified of openings in the schedule." The speaker clicks the clock icon, and a “Join the Waiting List” window opens.

Audio: A “Join the Waiting List” box will open. You can choose to be notified for open appointments with a specific writing instructor or with all writing instructors.


Visual: The speaker opens the “Specific staff or resources only” drop down menu and options appear such as “No, Notify me of all openings” and “Only openings with Meghan Barnes”. The speaker chooses “No, Notify me of all openings.”

Audio: Please leave the “At specific times” fields as they are, to the default “all start times” and “all end times,” as our appointments are not tied to a specific time.

Under the time fields, you will see a note about how you have signed up to receive waiting list notifications. If you prefer to receive notifications by text message, please update your profile with your phone number and phone carrier.

Click “Join the waiting list” at the bottom of the window to join the waiting list for that day. If there is an appointment cancellation that day, you will receive a notification by e-mail or by text message.


Visual: The speaker clicks the “JOIN THE WAITING LIST” button at the bottom of the window. The window closes and the screen returns to the myPASS home page.  At the top of the home page, a green box reads: “Your changes are complete. To make additional changes, simply select from the various options under the ‘Welcome’ menu above. To make an appointment, click on a white square below.”

Audio: When an appointment becomes available, myPASS notifies all students signed up for that day’s waiting list. Also note that you can sign up for as many waiting lists as you would like.

When you receive a notification that an appointment has become available, you are not automatically signed up for that appointment—you must log into myPASS and schedule the appointment. If the appointment is for the current day, you should attach your paper right away. If the appointment is already filled when you log into myPASS, that means that someone has already scheduled that appointment. If another appointment opens for that day, you will receive another notification.

To remove yourself from a waiting list, click the clock icon next to the date on the schedule and click “LEAVE THE WAITING LIST.”


Visual: The speaker clicks the clock icon again, and the window “Leave the Waiting List” opens. The content in this box reads “You’ve already joined today’s waiting list.  This means that you’ll automatically receive notices of new appointment openings.  If you would like to be removed from the waiting list, click the bottom below.”  The speaker clicks “LEAVE THE WAITING LIST” and the window closes, returning to the myPASS home page.