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Video Transcripts

Module Preview: Introduction to APA Style

Last updated 10/4/2016


Visual: Video opens to the module’s title, an image of the APA manual’s cover, and the phrase “creating clarity and citing sources.”

Audio: The Introduction to APA Style module teaches students why APA is used in social sciences and at Walden, as well as the principles behind its citing and style rules. 



Visual:  The slide changes to the following text: This module might be a good fit if you

  • Are new to academic writing,
  • Are new to APA, or
  • Unsure why APA style is used at Walden and in the social sciences.

Audio: This module might be a good fit if you are new to academic writing, are new to APA, or unsure why APA style is used at Walden and in the social sciences.


Visual: Slide changes to show the module in Adobe Connect, highlighting the

  • Premodule quiz
  • Five tutorials
  • Postmodule quiz
  • Certificate of completion

A screenshot of each tutorial appears as the speaker talks about them.

Audio: This interactive, self-paced module includes a premodule quiz, five tutorials, a postmodule quiz, and a certificate of completion. Once you complete the premodule quiz, the five tutorials will become available. These tutorials will provide you with an introduction of style guides and APA; a discussion of when to use APA; tips for maintaining your individuality and creativity while using APA; and tips for learning APA style.

Once you complete the tutorials, take the postmodule quiz until you pass with an 80% score, at which time you can save a certificate of completion.


Visual: A screenshot of a “Congratulations!” message appears.

Audio:  APA style is an important component of writing at Walden. When you’re ready to start learning about APA style, register for and complete this module!


Visual: Slide changes to the following text: Questions? E-mail