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Nontraditional Sources: Citing Yourself

Last updated 5/17/2016


Visual: Walden logo appears at the bottom of the screen along with a notepad and pencil background. Screen changes and the following words appear in the center of the screen: “Walden University Writing Center. Your writing, grammar, and APA experts.” Background changes to stack of leather-bound books on a table. Text appears in center of screen, reading “Nontraditional Sources. Citing Yourself”

Audio: Guitar music plays.


Visual: Slide changes to one titled “Citing Yourself.” The body text reads: Oyler, E. (2013). Writing center pedagogy. Unpublished manuscript, Walden University.

Audio: Now, in a very, very rare occasion, you might have the opportunity to cite yourself. If you have published research, you may be able to cite yourself in that research. It's usually not common. It's actually kind of unlikely that you'll need to do this. First off, I would recommend, if you are going to cite yourself, make sure that you talk to your instructor because that's very important to have your instructor's approval before you do so. If you get your instructor approval and that's acceptable, then you cite yourself just like you would cite any other author. In this case, perhaps you're citing a paper that you did in another class. You would include your name and first initial, the year that you wrote the work, the title of that work, and then in this case, if it's, you know, something you wrote for Walden, it would be your unpublished manuscript, Walden University. Again this is something that you really want to navigate closely with your instructor because you shouldn't have to cite yourself. Even if you're doing similar work in a class, each assignment is going to have a different context, a different focus, so you really should be able to use different words, different sentences even if you are looking at similar information.


Visual: Slide changes to notebook with Walden logo from introduction. Text reads: “Walden University Writing Center. Questions? E-mail