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OASIS Writing Skills

Video Transcripts:
Prewriting Demonstrations: Freewriting

Transcripts for Writing Center videos

Prewriting Demonstrations: Freewriting

Last updated 8/29/2018


Audio: Guitar music plays in the background throughout the video.

Visual: The video opens to a blank Word document and the title Freewriting Demo. The following direction is given: Start by adding your paper’s topic or thesis statement.

The video shows the author typing the following: Topic: Service learning requirements in university programs.

Another direction is given: Start your timer, then start writing! Don’t worry about your phrasing, just write to generate and explore ideas.

The video shows a sped-up time lapse of the author freewriting, generating ideas. The author types without stopping and doesn’t worry about spelling mistakes or revising or clarifying ideas. The author just keeps typing.

Another direction is given: As you write, don’t stop, don’t worry about spelling, and don’t worry about whether you like the ideas. Just keep writing!

The video shows the author continuing to type without stopping.

Once the author stops typing, the following direction is given: Once your timer is up, read and review what you wrote, marking any helpful ideas or points you wrote about that you want to use in your paper.

The video shows the author highlighting a few ideas in their freewriting that they want to keep.

The following direction is given: Use these ideas in your paper! You may be able to copy and paste them into your paper, but most likely you’ll expand on these ideas in your paper itself.


Audio/Visual: The video’s music and visual fades out.