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Video Transcripts

The Course Paper Template: Downloading and Using the Template

Last updated: 4/14/2016


Visual: The words “Walden University Writing Center” and the Walden University Writing Center logo on a blank page of a notebook with a pencil. The slogan “Your writing, grammar, and APA experts” appears. The screen shifts to present the words “The Course Paper Template” with the title “Downloading and Using the Template” underneath.

Audio: Music plays.


Visual: The Walden University Writing Center webpage “Walden Templates: General Templates” is open in a browser window. Near the top of the page there are two active links.

Audio: The Writing Center provides students a course paper te­­­­­mplate to format the weekly assignments students complete as part of their coursework. There are two versions of the course paper template: one with advice and one without. You can use either template. For our purposes, we’ll look at the template without advice.


Visual: A user moves her mouse over the link that says “APA Course Template (6th Ed.) and clicks it.

Audio: To download the template, click the link. The template will download to your computer, and you should then open and save the template.


Visual: The user moves her mouse to the bottom of the screen to access the downloaded file. She clicks on it and Word opens on the screen. The template title page is visual. It contains a place to type a title and a student name. Under that information is the name Walden University. The user clicks on “File” in the upper left hand corner of the screen and then clicks on “Save As.” A window appears prompting her to enter a title and save the document. She first chooses the folder “Documents” form a list of locations on the left hand side of the window. After this, she presses “Save” without renaming the file. The pop-up window disappears and the template title page is visible again.

Audio: How you use the template is up to you. There are three common ways students use the template.


Visual: A blue box appears on the left hand side of the screen, on top of the template title page. It says, “Three Common Uses:” at the top. An item appears under this heading. It says “Visual guide.”

Audio: First, you can use the template as a visual guide.The template shows you the formatting requirements you need to follow to format your coursework assignments, as well as examples of APA-formatted headings, title pages, abstracts, and reference entries. Some students find the template helpful simply as a visual guide for formatting their own Word document.


Visual: In the blue box, a second item appears. It says “Copy and paste.”

Audio: Another option is to write your assignment in a separate Word document and then copy and paste it into the template to use its formatting. With this option you don’t have to worry about formatting as you write, but are then able to use the template to format the final draft you will submit to your instructor.


Visual: In the blue box, a third item appears. It says “Write within.”

Audio: Finally, the last option is to write your assignment directly into the template, using its formatting as you complete your assignment. If you decide to write directly in the template, be careful not to change its formatting. If you find that the template’s formatting is changed or becomes corrupted and you cannot fix the errors, you can always download a fresh version of template from our website and start over.


Visual: The blue box and all items in it fade from the screen.

Audio: How you use the template is up to you and your preferences. The template is available to you as a tool and is meant to save you time and give you guidance, so use it in whatever way makes the most sense to you.


Visual: The words “Walden University Writing Center” and the Walden University Writing Center logo on a blank page of a notebook with a pencil. In the middle it says, “Questions? E-mail”