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Video Transcripts

Accessing Modules: Saving a Module Certificate

Last update 2/23/2018


Visual: Video opens to the first page of a module’s certificate, which includes the following directions:

You can now save your certificate of completion!


If you have questions, e-mail We also recommend watching a demonstration of how to save your certificate. 

Are you using a screen reader? If so, follow these directions instead.

Audio: In this video we will demonstrate how to save a certificate of completion. Note that if you are using a screen reader, you will need to indicate this when you first open the certificate.


Visual: The speaker clicks the Continue button to go to the next screen. This screen includes the following directions and a text box for the user to enter her name.

You will see your certificate of completion next. Save the certificate using the Print button at the bottom left corner of the screen.


Enter your name as you’d like it to appear on the certificate and click Submit:

If you have questions, e-mail We also recommend watching a demonstration of how to save your certificate.

Audio: The first thing you will need to do is enter your name [typing as speaker enters her name, “Beth Nastachowski”] and click Submit.


Visual: The certificate appears with the following text:


of completion

This certificate is awarded to

Beth Nastachowski


for completing the Writing Center module


Audio: The certificate will appear with your name and the current date. To save the certificate, find the print button at the bottom left hand corner [speaker clicks Print button].


Visual: The Save As dialog box opens, and the speaker demonstrates the steps she describes.

Audio: Now you need to save the certificate to your computer. You can only save the certificate as a PDF file. You can save the certificate to your desktop or any folder on your computer. Make sure to name the certificate using the conventions that your assignment prompt gives you [typing “WK2NastachowskiB.pdf”] and click save. You can now find the certificate on your computer and upload it to your Blackboard classroom.


Visual: The screen goes back to show the certificate. As the speaker talks, the following is displayed as the speaker discuses it:

add “.pdf”

Audio: If the certificate you save will not open—or you can’t see the certificate when you open it—be sure to add “.pdf” to the end of the name when you save the certificate.

Finally, note that you can only save the certificate with the current date displayed. If your instructor needs some sort of evidence that you completed the module at an earlier date (for example, by an assignment deadline), be sure to email us at and we can provide you with alternative proof you can send to your instructor.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail us at