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Video Transcripts

Paraphrasing Sources: What Is Paraphrasing?

Last updated: 5/20/2016


Visual: The words “Walden University Writing Center” and the Walden University Writing Center logo are visible on a blank page of a notebook with a pencil. The slogan “Your writing, grammar, and APA experts” appears. The screen transitions to the title slide of the video with a black and white image of a glass of water in the background covered by an orange text box.  In the text book, a heading reads "Paraphrasing Sources" and the title of the video reads "What is Paraphrasing?"

Audio: Guitar music plays.


Visual: A blue slide with green boxes appears with a heading that reads "Paraphrasing: What it is and why it matters." The two green boxes, stacked vertically, read "Definition" and "Importance."  Next to "Definition" is an arrow pointing to the right with text in it that reads: “Presents key point of an author’s ideas in a new way” and “Uses you own words and sentence structure." Next to "Importance" is an arrow also pointing to the right with text that reads: “Gives you deeper understanding of source and topic” followed by “Show critical thinking."

Audio: First, I want to talk about paraphrasing and define it. What is paraphrasing and why does it matter? When we talk about paraphrasing, it is something that can easily feel really abstract, especially because it is one of those words that is thrown around in writing communities. Really, paraphrasing is giving the key point of the author’s idea in a new way, so it’s taking information you read and presenting it in a new way, using your own words and sentence structure while still maintaining the original meaning of the information. It really gives you, when you paraphrase, it gives you a deeper understanding of the source, gives you a deeper understanding of the topic you’re reading about, and shows that you are able to critically think about the topic. Paraphrasing is really being able to kind of dig into this topic and rearticulate it in a new way that still maintains that really solid information, the original information.  


Visual: A white slide appears with the text “Walden University Writing Center” followed by “Questions? E-mail”

Audio: Guitar music plays.