Faculty Voices: What Causes and Can Prevent Plagiarism? Time Management

Visual: Video opens to the opening title with the video series title, Faculty Voices: Walden Talks Writing, then the title, “Why is academic integrity important? Time Management”

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Dr. Catherine Kelly, Office of Academic Support: Students plagiarize, mainly, I believe, because of a lack of time management. Waiting to start an assignment the night it is due, that could lead to stress, which can lead to writer's block, and that can lead to making mistakes in the writing. When writing about source material, we have to paraphrase and paraphrasing is a very complex skill that requires a lot of time and critical thinking, and as the clock ticks away the night that it's due, some students might struggle to paraphrase, might be struggling to take that time to understand the content and to cite effectively. And that could lead to either unintentional or intentional copying of source material and,  yeah, so I believe time management is a major factor.

Dr. Kim Critchlow, College of Management and Technology: I find that students don't do necessarily is plan enough time to write. When they're rushed, then they may put something together that's very quick, that's not well thought-out. They don't have time to go back and to review their work. Or, oftentimes it's, gee I didn't realize this was going to take so much time. They start to do the research on the internet, they pull stuff, and then they borrow content and put it right into their documents and voila, there you have it. So time management is also one, that I find that students don't allow enough time or manage their time well enough to avoid academic integrity.

Dr. Catherine Kelly, Office of Academic Support: Okay, so time management, effective strategies in terms of allocating enough time to understand the content, to proofread the work, to write about the work. Through time management, students can focus on understanding the source content, through time management students can revise—have time to revise and proofread to make sure that all of the ideas are paraphrased and cited appropriately.

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