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Video Transcripts

Module Preview: Listing the Facts

Last updated 10/4/2016


Visual: Video opens to the module’s title, an image of the APA manual’s cover, and the phrase “why, when, and how to use headings.”

Audio: The Listing the Facts module teaches students how to clearly list information, data, and facts through hyphenation, seriated lists and the serial comma, and numbers.


Visual:  The slide changes to the following text: This module might be a good fit if you

  • Are new to APA style,
  • Are unsure how to use hyphenation, lists, or numbers in your writing.

Audio: This module might be a good fit if you are new to APA style or if you aren’t sure how to incorporate hyphenation, lists—including seriated lists and the serial comma— or numbers in your writing.


Visual: Slide changes to show the module in Adobe Connect, highlighting the

  • Premodule quiz
  • 3 tutorials
  • Postmodule quiz
  • Certificate of completion

A screenshot of each tutorial appears as the speaker talks about them.

Audio: This interactive, self-paced module includes a premodule quiz, three tutorials (plus an introduction and interactive list of resources), a postmodule quiz, and a certificate of completion. Once you complete the premodule quiz, the tutorials will become available. In these tutorials you’ll learn APA’s rules for hyphenating words, for how to present lists, including both seriated lists and serial commas, and whether to present a number as a word or as a numeral.

Once you complete the tutorials, take the postmodule quiz until you pass with an 80% score, at which time you can save a certificate of completion.


Visual: A screenshot of a “Congratulations!” message appears.

Audio:  APA style rules can be difficult, but master hyphenation, lists, and numbers with this module. When you’re ready to start learning about listing the facts in APA style, register for and complete this module!


Visual: Slide changes to the following text: Questions? E-mail