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myPASS: Attaching a File at a Later Time

Transcripts for Writing Center videos

myPASS: Attaching a File at a Later Time

Last updated 8/4/2016


Visual: The screen opens on the Graduate Coursework Schedule on the myPASS schedule.

Audio: If you decide to attach your paper at a later time, or if you want to attach a different paper or a new version, that’s fine—just keep in mind that for appointments reserved in advance, our deadline for attaching your paper is 5 a.m. Eastern time the day of your appointment.

To attach a file at a later time, or to attach an additional document to your appointment, like an assignment sheet, follow these steps: Navigate to your name at the top left corner of the schedule. Underneath your name you will see a small yellow folder icon.

Click the icon to attach a file to an existing appointment. The “Attach a File” window will appear.


Visual: The speaker clicks the folder icon , which opens an “Attach a File” window. A new window titled “Attach a File” opens with three areas to enter information: Appointment, Attach File, and Document Title. It also includes the following information: “Please note that file sizes over 1 MB will not attach. Also, please upload your paper as a Microsoft Word document. While the scheduling system will allow you to upload different files types, such as PDFs or text files, we reserve the right to cancel your appointment if we do not receive your paper as a Word document. Writing instructors do not review PDF files or PowerPoints.”

Audio: If you have more than one appointment scheduled for that week, be sure to select the appropriate appointment from the drop-down menu.


Visual: The pointer clicks on the drop-down menu next to Appointment in the window which reveals two appointments, and then the pointer clicks on one of the appointments.

Audio: Select “Choose file,” title your document, and select “UPLOAD FILE.” 


Visual: Pointer clicks on “Choose File” button in “Attach a File” window. A new window opens with documents listed in a file folder of the speaker’s computer.  The speaker selects a file and clicks “Open”. The view returns to the “Attach a File” window. The speaker names the document “My paper’s assignment instructions” in the “Document Title” field.

Audio: You will now see a message that your file has been attached successfully, and you can close the window. If you’d like to attach another file, you can do so following the same steps.