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Video Transcripts

Mastering the Mechanics: Proofreading for Grammar

Last updated 5/31/2016


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Background changes to a close up of a dictionary page and a bright green box that reads: “Mastering the Mechanics: Proofing for Grammar”

Slide changes to a mostly gray slide with the heading: Proofing Tips

  • Read your paper slowly out loud
  • Have someone else read your paper out loud to you
  • If you know that you tend to make a particular kind of grammar or punctuation error, proofread your paper looking specifically for that error.
  • Use Grammarly for further guidance on tricky spots.

Audio: We've talked about a whole bunch of different common pit falls and grammar and punctuation nuances, but how do you go applying this information in your own writing?

The first tip is to read your paper slowly out loud. And doing that can really help you slow down and notice errors that are really easy to skim over when you are reading your work silently to yourself. So if you take the time to read your paper out loud, you'll probably be able to notice more errors, you'll be able to tell when a sentence doesn't quite sound right. And when a sentence doesn't quite sound right that's a good indication that you want to do a little bit of revision. Alternatively, you could have someone else read your paper out loud to you. If your reader stumbles over a certain sentence, that's a good indication that you might want to revise that sentence.

Another tip is that if you know that you struggle with a grammar or punctuation error, for example, you know that you have trouble with commas, you know that you have trouble with verb tenses, then try proofreading your papers specifically for that single error, and doing so, will allow you to focus on that issue and instead of getting distracted with all the other writing issues going on in your paper.

And then finally, Grammarly can be a helpful tool to use as well.


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