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Video Transcripts:
OLD myPASS: Making an Appointment

Transcripts for Writing Center videos

myPASS: Completing the Appointment Form

Last updated: 8/4/2016


Visual: The screen opens on the Graduate Coursework Schedule on the myPASS schedule with a blank appointment form open. As the speaker discusses each part of the appointment form, the speaker scrolls down the appointment form and that section is highlighted.

Audio: After clicking on an open appointment box, an appointment form will appear with the name and brief biography of your chosen writing instructor at the top.

Below this information is a message reading, “Appointment limits: Appointments must be 1 hour in length.” This is simply a scheduling message that you can ignore; please note that our reviews are limited to 30 minutes.

Next, you’ll see a “Time” section. Remember that times are only for scheduling purposes, and that your appointment is not tied to a specific time. Also note that the “Meet Online” field is already filled out for you. You can skip these two sections and move on to fill out the rest of the form.

The appointment forms may vary slightly between our three schedules. Please fill out the appointment form to help us better understand your assignment, your writing goals, where you are in the writing process, what you would like your review to focus on, and any other information helpful for the writing instructor to know.  

Additionally, note that the Writing Center updated its paper review and myPASS policies in August of 2016. Students are expected to have read and understood these policies before making an appointment. The policies are available on the Writing Center website, and they explain how our appointments work, deadlines for attaching your paper, documents we do and do not review, expectations for your appointment, and more. Please type your initials in the appointment form to acknowledge that you have read and understood our assignment policies.

Now you’re ready to save your appointment and attach your paper! Click the “Save Appointment” button at the bottom of the window.