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Video Transcripts

Accessing Modules: Saving a Module Certificate

Last updated 5/7/2017


Visual: Video opens to a screenshot of a module Certificate of Completion.

Audio: To save a certificate of completion and upload it into your classroom, you will first need to choose whether you are using a screen reader or not.

If you are not using a screen reader, click the button on the right.


Visual: The speaker clicks the button “No, I am not using a screen reader.” The screen changes to prompt the speaker to type and submit her name.

Audio: Here, enter your name. [Typing as speaker enters her name, “Beth Nastachowski”]. Then click “Submit.”


Visual: The screen changes to show the Certificate of Completion with the speaker’s name on the certificate.

Audio: Now you will see the certificate with your name and the date. Find the print button at the bottom left hand corner. [Speaker clicks Print button].


Visual: A Save As dialogue box appears, giving the speaker the opportunity to save the Certificate of Completion to her computer’s desktop.

Audio: Now you need to save the certificate to your computer. You can save it to your desktop or any folder on your computer. Make sure to name the certificate using the conventions that your assignment prompt gives you.


Visual: As the speaker talks, she names the Certificate “WK2NastachowskiB.pdf.”

Audio: For example, [typing “WK2NastachowskiB.pdf”]. Click save. You can now find the certificate on your computer and upload it to your Blackboard classroom.