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PUBH 6002 8002 HIV AIDS search

PUBH 6002 8002 HIV AIDS Search (week 1 Discussion)

Video link: PUBH 8002 HIV AIDS Search

Begin Transcript

Visual: Library home page

Narration: This short video will demonstrate how to access the research databases and run a search on your topic. From the library home page, select the articles by topic button on the left-hand side. 

Visual: Select a subject page

Narration: Here you will see a list of the various subject areas.  I’m going to check Health Sciences. 

Visual: Health Sciences Research page

Narration:  From the Health Sciences Research page, you’ll see a list of databases.  For this search CINAHL or Medline would work.  I’m going to go into Medline. 

Visual: EBSCO advanced search start page

Narration: Here I will enter my search terms..  In the first box I’m going to type “public health.”  Put it in quotation marks so that it knows to search public health as a phrase.  In the second box I am going to enter AIDS OR HIV.

Underneath the search boxes under Search options you’ll find an area to limit your results.  We’re going to check full text and scholarly.  Go back to the top of the page and click on the green search button.

Visual: Results page

Narration:  All the results will be available in full text, come from peer reviewed journals and contain both Public Health and either HIV or AIDS.  The links to full text are available underneath the citations, along with different subject ideas.  You can also click on the title of any of the results. 

Visual:  Details of an article from the results list

Narration: To see the abstract.  On the right-hand side, under tools, you’ll find a cite function.  If you click on the cite option

Visual:  Citation format popup box

Narration;  it will bring up the citation in APA and other formats.  You can copy and paste from here, but keep in mind that you are responsible for checking the formatting against the manual to make sure there are no errors.  Never assume that it is 100% correct.

Note that you still have access to the full text from this page as well.

Visual: Library home page

Narration:  This should help you find a full-text article to use for your discussion post.  If you need additional help please contact us through the Ask A Librarian link.