Finding where Barr and Tagg is cited in Google Scholar

Finding where Barr & Tagg has been cited using Google Scholar

Visual: Google Scholar home page

Narration:  This short video will demonstrate how to use Google Scholar to find articles that have cited Barr and Tagg.  To do that I’m going to enter the original Barr and Tagg article: Barr & Tagg, and the beginning of the article title and enter

Visual: Google Scholar results

Narration:  And this will give me a list of results.  I can see here that From Teaching To Learning, which is the article I’m interested in,  by Barr & Tagg.  Underneath the citation information and the abstract, I’ll see a Cited By link.  When I click on that cited by link, I will get a list of books and articles that have cited my article of interest since it was published.   Because I’ve linked Walden Library to Google Scholar, I have Find @ Walden links when the full text is available in the library.  When I click on that Find @ Walden link to look at the Formative Assessment article

Visual:  List of database links

Narration:  It will give me a list of potential databases where I can find the full text.

Visual:   EBSCO interface

Narration:  I will go ahead and click on one, and follow the links to the PDF full text.

Visual:  Full text PDF of article

Narration:  Once I’m in the full I can search for Barr & Tagg in context by holding down the control key and the letter F and entering Barr.   This shows that I have two instances, this one is showing where it was cited in the text of the article and I can arrow down to the second instance which shows it on the reference list.

Hopefully this has helped you understand how you can use Google Scholar to find where an article of interest has been cited, and then find the full text in the library

Visual:  Library home page

Narration:  And remember, if you have any questions, you can always Ask A Librarian.