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Search by topic video

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Narration: This is a short video on how to search by topic using the search box on the Walden Library homepage. 

Narration: First, you’ll want to make a quick list of the main ideas in your topic. For this example, we’ll use virtual reality, nurse education, and academic achievement. Then we’ll brainstorm synonyms and similar concepts. 

Visual: Words appear on screen below terms. Augmented reality appears below virtual reality. Academic performance and academic success appear below academic achievement

Narration: When searching the word nurse, we’ll put an asterisk at the root of the word replacing the ‘e.’ This will search all variations of the word nurse.

Visual: nurs* education appears below nurse education

Narration: On the Library homepage, we’ll click the advanced search link underneath the search box. This allows us to set up our search all in one place. 

Visual: Walden Library homepage 

Narration: On the search page, we’re going to enter one idea or concept per search box then add in our synonyms in the same search box separated by ‘or.’ 

Visual: type into first search box: virtual reality or augmented reality

Visual: type in second search box: nurs* education

Visual: type in third search box: academic achievement or academic performance 

Narration: There are also three main search limiters you’ll want to consider using. 

Narration: First, ensure the full text box is checked if you’d like to only see results that you can read immediately.  

Visual: scrolls down on page to check boxes

Narration: Next, check the peer review box if you’re specifically looking for peer reviewed articles.  

Narration: Lastly, if there’s a publication date range you’re interested in, enter the beginning date. By leaving the ending date blank, your search results will include articles published up until the current date.  

Visual: types 2018 into year box

Narration: On the results page, you’ll want to check the number of results and review the articles to see if your search terms returned relevant articles. If you see articles that you want to access, look for a PDF or Find @ Walden link. 

Visual: search results page

Narration: If you don’t see relevant results, go back to the search boxes at the top of the page, and try different keywords and keyword combinations. For ideas, look at the terms used in the article tittles and the subject line beneath each search result. 

Narration: Have questions about how to search by topic using the search box on the Walden Library homepage?

Narration: If so, contact us at Ask a Librarian, on the top right of all the Library webpages. 

Created February 2023 by Walden University Library