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Visual: Walden Library homepage

Narration:  Hello.  This short video will show you find an article by its title using Google Scholar.  This is a fast and easy way to see if the Library has full to text to a specific article

First, we need to go to Google Scholar website and we will do that through the Walden Library.

From the Walden Library's homepage. Go to Start your research from the top of your screen, and then from the Search by database box click on Google Scholar.

Visual: Google Scholar search box on Walden Library site

Narration:        This search box is already configured to search the Library's collections using Google Scholar. Now, if you find something in Google Scholar that the Library has there will be a link to access the resource in the Walden Library

If you are accessing Google Scholar directly from its main site,, you will need to manually link Google Scholar with the Library databases.  Instructions to do so can be found right here at the Manually link Google Scholar to Walden Library link

Now let’s find an article.  Type the title into search box ---

Visual:                “Research Performance Support: Connecting Online Graduate Students from the LMS to the Library” typed in search box

Narration:        and click on  search

Visual: Google Scholar results page

Narration:        The top result should be the article you are looking for. 

Look to the right of the article for a Find @ Walden link.  This link will bring you to a database, or a list of databases, that may contain this article.  You can check each database for it.

If there is a pdf or an html link to the right of the article, that means that the article is available online for free.  You can click on that link to view that article.

Sometimes there are no links to the right of the article. 

Visual: Title of a new article “Achievement emotions and academic performance: Longitudinal models of reciprocal effects” pasted in the Google search box and then searched.  Result page w/ that article.

Narration:        You can try clicking on the “All number versions” link to see if a Find @ Walden link shows up

Visual:                All 3 Versions link accessed, none of them have a Find @ Walden Link.  Back to original results

Narration:        If it doesn’t you can also try clicking on the double arrow icon

Visual:                click on double arrow icon revealing a Find @ Walden Link

Narration:        And there we have the Find @ Walden link.

If you still can’t find a Find@ Walden link, you ask a librarian for help finding the article

Visual: Library home page

Narration:        From the Library home page, click on the Ask a librarian link on the top right of the screen

Visual:                Ask A librarian page

Narration:        then you click on Email link and send us an email with the citation of the article you are looking for.

And that’s how you can find an article by by its title using Google Scholar.

Thank you for watching.

Created January, 2018 by Walden University Library