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Find dissertations

Video link: Find dissertations

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Visual:Library Homepage

Narration: In this video we will look at how to find sample dissertations. From the Walden Library homepage, go to the Start Your Research tab in the top left. From the drop down menu that appears, choose Dissertations.


Visual: Dissertations page

Narration: Scroll down to the All Dissertations box and click Dissertations & Theses.


Visual: ProQuest Dissertations database search screen

Narration: Now you are on a search screen. You should see a search page with three search rows. If you see only one search row, like in this screen, click the Advanced Search link.


Visual: ProQuest Dissertations database Advanced Search screen

Narration: You can search for dissertations and capstones in many different ways.In the top search box try entering keywords for a topic you’d like to find dissertations about, possibly similar to your own topic. For example, we’ll type in: "teacher evaluation"

We can use the quote marks to glue this idea together as a phrase. Click Search to find dissertations on your topic.


Visual: Dissertations result screen

Narration: None