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Find Walden EDD Project Studies or Dissertations

Video link:  Find Walden EDD Project Studies or Dissertations

Begin transcript:

Visual: Walden University Library homepage 

Narration: This short video will demonstrate how to locate EDD project studies and dissertations in the Walden Library dissertation database. From the library's homepage, click on the blue Publications button. Using the column on the left side of your screen, click on the Dissertations and Theses tab. In the Find Dissertations and Theses box, select the link for Dissertations and Theses at Walden University.

You may be prompted to log in with your Walden ID and password, if you have not done so already.

Visual: ProQuest database "Walden dissertations and Theses"

Narration: In the first search box, type E, D, period, D, period. Click on the Anywhere Except Full Text dropdown menu. Scroll down and select Degree. This will limit your results to only EDD dissertations or project studies. In the second search box, type in a keyword for your topic. In this example, I will use "online education."

Change the publication date to the last two years and hit the Search button.

Visual: Search results page with 26 results

Narration: We got 26 results with this search. Click on the Full Text-PDF link under each result to access that document. You will need to scroll down to the title page to confirm that it is, in fact, a Doctor of Education Degree document. This is how you can limit your search to just EDD dissertations or project studies. Thank you for watching.


Created April 2021 by Walden University Library