Finding Mixed Methods Studies


Finding mixed methods studies


Begin transcript:

Visual: Education Source home page

Narration:  This short video will demonstrate how to find mixed-methods studies in the library databases.  In the example we are searching Education Source, but you can use the same technique in any of the databases

Visual: Typing keywords into the search boxes

Narration:  Normally the methodology is addressed in the abstract, so I’m going to search for mixed methods in the abstract.  We do this by using Select a Field.  In the second line I’m going to enter a general keyword, in this case we can use math, ending in an asterisk so I will pick up both math and mathematics.  Underneath I’m going to make sure that Full Text is checked and also Peer-reviewed, so that I can get peer-reviewed literature that is available immediately in full text.

Visual:  Results list

Narration:  When I click on search I see that I get 190 results.  I can scan the titles to get an idea of what might work for me,

Visual:  Abstract and details of article

Narration:  and I can also click on the title on any of them to look at the abstract to see how math and mixed methods fits in.   For anything that works, I can use the tools to the right to print, email or save the article to my hard drive.

Visual:  Back to results list.

Narration:  Sometimes you’ll have the full text available here and sometimes you will have a Find @ Walden button which will help you find it in other databases.

Visual:  entering different keyword to second search box

Narration:  This should work for pretty much for any general keyword/phrase/topic.  If I enter educational technology

Visual: Results list

Narration:  I get 147 results

Visual:  Library home page to Ask A Librarian form

Narration:  And as always, if you have any questions, you can always ask a librarian.