Introduction to the Walden University Library

Video link:  Introduction to the Walden University Library

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Visual:  Library home page

Narration: Welcome to the tour of the Walden Library website.

Our website is your portal to all of the library’s articles, books, dissertations, and more.  This short tour will show you where to locate the most used resources within the library.

The course readings button on the left side of the library home page …

Visual: How to Find Course Guides page

Narration: … will take you to the course readings guide for your class.  Click the letter tab that matches the first letter in your course code, and then your course code, finally click on the title of your course.

Visual:  Course guide COUN6100

Narration:  The course guide will contain links to all of your required library readings.

Visual:  Library home page

Narration: The articles by topic button helps you locate research databases by subject area.

Visual:  Articles by Topic home page

Narration:  Choose the subject area to see that research home page.

Visual:  Business & Management Research Page

Narration:  The research home page provides links to relevant article databases, as well as tabs for other resources such as books, statistics, and more.   If you’re new to searching you can watch the short video on the research home’s main page.

Visual:  Search and Find drop down

Narration:  The library website also has a search and find tab.

Visual:  Start Your Research: Overview

Narration:  Here you’ll find many resources such as books, dissertations, journals and the link you can use to verify peer review.

Visual: Help tab drop-down

Narration:  Help is another tab ...  

Visual: Help: Welcome

Narration:  … with links to library resources and assistance.

Visual:  Instructional media page

Narration:  Instructional media has links to recorded library labs as well as other departments’ webinars.

Visual:  The Research Process page

Narration:  The Research Process has help with choosing a topic, finding theories, keyword searching and much more.

Visual: Technical Help

Narration:  Technical Help will take you to guides on PDF troubleshooting, ebook navigation and more.

Visual:  Library home page

Narration: The answers you need may be just a click away in our quick answers tool.  This tool contains quick answers to frequently asked questions from the library and many other departments within Walden.

Visual:  Typing full text into Quick Answers search box:

Narration:  Type in a question or keyword

Visual:  Quick answer to How do I find full text?

Narration:  and click on the question to find your answer.

Visual:  Library home page

Narration:  Finally, Ask a librarian is just a click away when you have a question about using our site or about doing your research.

Visual:  Ask a Librarian: Home

Narration:  You can contact us by phone, or use the form to send us an email.

Visual:  Library home page

Narration:  We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of the Walden Library website.   Feel free to explore our resources and if you have any questions, just ask a librarian.