Find a DOI with CrossRef

Video link: Find a DOI with CrossRef

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Visual: Google Scholar search results screen. Highlight and copy first article title in results list. Goes to and pastes title into search box.

Narration: In order to discover if an article has a DOI, copy the title of the article of interest and go to Paste the title into the Metadata search box and click search.

Visual: Metadata search screen, then search results screen with DOI listed below article citation. Scrolling down to show year limiters on left hand side of screen.

Narration: The article you’re looking for should be the first in the list and you will find a DOI listed below the authors. If you do not see the title of the article you are looking for in the first few results, you can limit the results by checking off the year in which the article was published.

Visual: screen

Narration: If you’re still unable to find the article you are looking for you can go to and fill out the form with as much information as possible.

If, after you have gone through all these steps, you’re still unable to find a DOI for the article, that indicates the article does not have a DOI.


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