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Linking Google Scholar to the Walden Library

Transcript Title: Linking Google Scholar to the Walden Library


Visual: Google Scholar Homepage

Narration: In the upper right corner of the Google Scholar page you’ll find a gear icon labeled Settings. Click the icon to open the Scholar Settings.

Visual: Scholar Settings

Narration: On the left click library links.

Visual: Scholar Settings – Library links

Narration: Now you need to type Walden in the search box and click Find Library. Check the box in front of Walden University – Find at Walden and click Save.

Visual: Google Scholar Homepage

Narration: Now when you search Google Scholar you will find links for articles available in the Walden Library labeled Find at Walden.

Visual: Google Scholar results

Narration: On the right you’ll see the Find at Walden links. Clicking on the Find at Walden link searches all of the Walden University Library databases and will link you to the full text of the article.

Visual: Full text article loading

Narration: If you’re not already logged in to the library, then you will be asked to login before it opens the full text. Because it’s searching all of the databases it may take a moment to fully load.