Zotero: Add items from databases to your library

Video link: https://youtu.be/wglC3yfjM6U

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Visual: Search results page in Academic Search Complete database
Narration: This is a short video that will show you how to save items from the Walden Library databases into your Zotero library. To do this, you need to have Zotero open on your computer, and you need to have done a search in one of the Library databases. I've done a search in Academic Search Complete for permaculture education.

Visual: Cursor moves to top right corner of page to show Zotero folder icon in toolbar.
Narration: Once you do your search and you have search results, and you have items you would like to save, you can either save multiple items or you can save an individual item from the search. To save multiple items, what you need to do is go up to the upper right corner of the toolbar and you'll see a folder icon. If you're using a different version of Zotero or you're using a different internet browser, that icon may be located in a different place. You may need to just look around the toolbar.

Visual: Popup dialog box opens with list of articles from the first page of the search
Narration: So to save multiple items, click on the folder icon. That will open a popup box, and this will show you all the items on the first page of the search. You can either click on the Select All button which is located in the lower left corner of the popup box, or you can go through and click on the little box in front of each item you'd like to save. We'll just select several random items. Once you have the items selected that you'd like to save from the first box of the search, you'll go down to the lower right corner of the popup box and click on OK. That will then save those multiple items to your Zotero library. And you may see a little kind of floating popup box down in the lower right corner that is telling you that it is saving those items into your library.

Visual: Cursor clicks article title link from search results page
Narration: To save an individual item, what you need to do is click on the title of the article. And once that takes you to the article page, it may be an abstract; it may be a PDF; it doesn't really matter, just as long as you click on the article title.

Visual: Cursor moves to toolbar in upper right corner of page and clicks on piece of paper icon

Narration: Once you do that, you want to look in the upper right corner of the toolbar again and now you'll see that our folder icon changes to what looks like a piece of paper or a page. That icon tells us that what we're doing is saving an individual item instead of multiple items. So if we click on the piece of paper icon it wil go ahead and save that item into the library. You won't see the popup box because you are not choosing from multiple items there. YOu just have the one item you have picked. And you may see that little floating box in the lower right corner that tells you it's saving. And that's how easy it is!

Created December 2017 by Walden University Library