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How to create an EBSCO folder account

Video link: How to create an EBSCO folder account

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Visual: EBSCO database search page

Narration:  This short video will demonstrate how to set up an account in the EBSCO databases.   Having an account allows you to save articles and searches beyond your browser session so that you can access them in future sessions.  To begin, go to the top of the screen and click on Folder or Sign In.


Visual: EBSCO folder page, clicking on Sign In to My EBSCOhost link

Narration: Here look for the Create a new account link.


Visual: EBSCO Create New Account form

Narration: When you fill this information out you can use any email address you wish. It doesn’t have to be your Walden email. This is completely separate from anything related to Walden. In other words, if you have access to EBSCO databases through your workplace, or through another educational institution after you graduate and leave Walden University, you would still be able to go through their subscriptions, and get into your EBSCO folders.  The username and password can be anything you want. What this also means is that if you forget these, the library has no way of finding that information for you. Let me show you what to do if you create an account and then forget your username and password.


Visual: EBSCO account sign in page

Narration: Go to sign in, and look for the links for either Forgot your password? or Forgot your username and password? Fill in this information and they will send you a reset to whichever email address you’ve used to set up your account.  Another thing to remember: you do have to sign in every time you’re in EBSCO in order to save things to your folders, whether it’s articles or a search. So don’t forget to sign in so that you can save things each time you’re searching through the EBSCO databases.