Crossref DOI Search


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Visual: homepage 

Narration: This video will demonstrate how to look up an article on Crossref's website to see if it has a DOI. 

Crossref is the main organization that assigns Digital Object Identifiers, or DOIs, to research articles. If you can't find a DOI for an article on their website, you can safely assume the article does not have a DOI. You can access their website at   


Visual: Clicking on the Search Metadata tab of the search box. 

Narration: To check to see if your article has a DOI, click on the Search Metadata tab of the search box.  


Visual: Entering the title of the article in the search box. 

Narration: You can then enter the title of the article in the search box. A couple of things that will make your search more effective are putting the title in quotation marks and including the last name of the first author in your search. For example, I'm going to paste in the title of an article: "Subjective well-being in times of social change: Congruence of control strategies and perceived control" AND Grumer. Then press the Enter key to run the search. 


Visual: Crossref results page 

Narration: The article came up as the first result. The DOI is listed at the bottom of the result. You can copy this number and include it in your reference citation. 


Visual: Crossref results page, left column 

Narration: If your article does not come up on the first page of results, you can go to the left column and select the year in which the article was published. As you can see, Crossref always comes back with a lot of results. So make sure you've spelled everything correctly, put the title in quotation marks, included the last name of the first author, and limited to the year. If you've done all of these things and your article still does not come up, you can safely assume your article does not have a DOI.


Created March 2017 by Walden University Library