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Practice the skill: Identify and search theory-related keywords example

Video link: Practice the skill: Identify and search theory-related keywords example

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Visual: ProQuest Central database search screen.
Narration: This video accompanies the “Practice the skill: Identify and search theory-related keywords” exercise. Compare the search you tried with what we present here.

Visual: Cursor points to search terms entered in the search tool: moral identification and employees
Narration: Here we are searching on the term moral identification, which we discovered in the article, and the term employees to focus the topic. I’ve also unchecked full text to find more results.

Visual: Cursor clicks search and results screen loads.
Narration: This search returned 43 sources. We can narrow this to recent, peer-reviewed articles.

Visual: Cursor clicks “Peer reviewed” option in the right-hand menu
Narration: On the right hand side there is a link to show me the peer-reviewed results; there are 21.

Visual: Screen scrolls downward a little and cursor clicks on “Enter a specific date range” link. The date range 1/1/2009 to present is entered (present represented by a blank Ending date).
Narration: There is also an option to set the date range for our results. For an example, I will enter the earliest date as January first, 2009. I can leave the Ending date blank to get all articles up to the present.

Visual: Screen refreshes with date limiter set. There are ten search results.
Narration: This search found ten articles that are peer-reviewed and published in 2009 or later.