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How to find an abstract

Video Link: How to find an abstract


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Visual: Library Home Page
Narration: Accessing the abstract for an article can vary depending on the brand of database you are 
using. But basically clicking on either the article title or a link labeled “abstract” are the two ways to 
access the abstract.

Visual: EBSCOhost results page
Narration: For example, when you’re using one of the EBSCOhost databases, you can reach the abstract 
by clicking on the article title.

Visual: Citation and abstract page for an article in an EBSCOhost database
Narration: Just scroll down to locate the one paragraph abstract.

Visual: ScienceDirect results page
Narration: Similar to the EBSCOhost databases, in ScienceDirect just click on the link to the article to get 
to a page that includes the abstract. And again you might need to scroll down somewhat to view the 

Visual: ScienceDirect article display page
Narration: And again you might need to scroll down somewhat to view the abstract.

Visual: ProQuest results page
Narration: In any of the ProQuest databases you just need to locate the link labeled Citation/Abstract 
which can be found next to the full text links.

Visual: Sage results page
Narration: Sage is similar to ProQuest. Just look for the Abstract link next to the links to access the full 

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