Peer Review

Peer Review

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Visual: Library homepage

Narration: This short video will demonstrate how to find peer reviewed research articles in the library. Many databases have a check box that will limit your results to peer reviewed journals. Look for the check box so that you can tell the database you want only results that have been through the peer review editorial process.

Visual: Database search interface

Narration: In databases that use the EBSCO interface, you'll find it under Search Options, and then under Limit Your Results. And you can check for peer reviewed here. In the ProQuest interface, you'll find the peer reviewed check box right underneath the search boxes.

VIsual: Database A-Z list

Narration: Some databases do not have a check box. This is usually because the database contains only journals that use the peer review process. From the database list, this green icon indicates that you're looking at a database with all peer reviewed content. This orange icon indicates that some journals are peer reviewed and others are not. These are the databases that usually have the check box for peer reviewed only.

Visual: Get Help page

Narration: Under Get Help, you'll find the Library Skills Guide link. And on this page, you'll find a link to Verify Peer Review. The Verify Peer Reviewed Guide also has help about what is peer review and how to check the journal's website.

Narration: And if you ever need help with this or any other library issue or a student support issue, you can always use our Quick Answers search box. Search on Peer Review for whatever your question is, and that will bring up questions that we have answers to in our database. And you can always use our Ask a Librarian as well. Send us an email. Or look for us on Chat.