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Navigating ebooks: EBSCO

Video link:  Navigating ebooks: EBSCO

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Visual: EBSCO ebook interface

Narration: This short video will demonstrate how to navigate an ebook in the ebsco interface. On the left-hand side you’ll find the full publication information here, along with an image of what the book looks like in its paper version.  Underneath, there’s a Table of Contents.  


Visual:  opens ups the Table of Contents pane.

Narration:  Click on the plus sign to open up to show the different chapters.  Note that the chapter you’re already in will be highlighted. To jump to a different chapter, just click on it.


Visual:  In Sabine chapter (page 246)

Narration:  The full text will display in the center portion of the screen.  You can move forward and backward using the arrows at the bottom of the page,


Visual:  Page 245 displays within interface

Narration:  or you can jump to a specific page by entering the page number here.


Visual:  Types 260 into the navigation box – page 260 displays

Narration:  Note that it will always tell you what chapter you’re in at the top.

This floating toolbar allows you to look at a full page at a time,


Visual:  full page display of 260

Narration: fit the page to the screen,


Visual:  fit to width page 260

Narration:  zoom out or zoom in.  You can also save or print a single page at a time.

The toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen allows you a little bit more.


Visual: click on Search within, search box displays

Narration:  You can search within the book.  Just type in your search term here.


Visual:  type the word heart in the search box – results display

Narration:  It will show you where your term shows up in context, as well as the page number.  Click on the link to land on that page.


Visual:  close Search within option – back to regular display of ebook interface

Narration:  There’s also a dictionary available,  and you can save and email pages more than one at a time.


Visual:  click on Save Pages and display options

Narration:  You have the current page as an option, the current page and you can add a specific number of pages or you can go one section at a time, which would be the whole chapter.


Visual:  close Save Pages option

Narration: There are many other tools to explore here, and most of the ebook interfaces have these tools available.  Take some time to explore, it will save you time down the road.  

If you have any questions, you can contact the library.