Zotero: Add references to a collection (folder)

Title: Zotero: Add references to a collection (folder)
URL: http://youtu.be/EzvMiA5wjDQ

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Visual: Zotero MyLibrary open in Firefox browser
Narration: Zotero allows you to organize your references into different folders, also called Collections.

Visual: Clicking the Add New Collection icon
Narration: To create a new folder, click the folder plus icon in the top left of the Zotero library.

Visual: Name collection prompt window, typing in name, clicking Okay button
Narration: Name the folder, or collection.

Visual: Drag and drop reference to new collection
Narration: Now I can choose which references from My Library to add to this folder. Just drag and drop the references into the folder, or collection. They will remain in the main My Library as well. If I click on my folder, I will see them listed there.

Visual: Browser window with Library database search results
Narration: You can also add references directly to this collection by highlighting it in your Zotero library.

Visual: Clicking on database result and adding to highlighted collection in Zotero library
Narration: Let's say I want to add this reference to this folder. I can now click the Add in my browser and it will put this reference directly into the highlighted collection.

Created August 2012 by Walden University Library