Finding dissertations by author

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Visual: Walden Library website

Narration: In this video we will search for a dissertation by author name. On the

Library website, go up to Start Your Research and choose Dissertations.



Visual: Dissertations page

Narration: In the All Dissertations box, click the link Dissertations and Theses.


Visual: ProQuest Dissertations Database

Narration: If you’re not taken to the advanced search already you’ll want

to click the link to the advanced search link.


Visual: ProQuest Advanced Search page.

Narration: Search by typing in the author’s name as last name , first name.

For example, if we were searching for Eric Brown, we would write it as Brown, Eric.

Then change the dropdown to Author. Click Search to see a list of all Dissertations and Master’s Theses that have that author name.

Visual: ProQuest results page Narration:

You can see that we have quite a few results. If you have a common name, and you need to be more precise in your search, you can go up to Modify Search.


Visual: ProQuest Advanced Search page.

Narration: And add a keyword to your search that’s related to the dissertation topic. For example, we could type in, community college.

Click search again and you’ll now have a shorter list showing dissertations by that particular author that also use the keyword you’ve searched for.