Theorist search in PsycINFO

Video Link: Theorist search in PsycINFO

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Visual:  Advanced Search page in PsycINFO database

Narration:  This short video will demonstrate one way of searching for information about a theory or theorist in an article database.

Once you have discovered theorists that you are interested in you can look for additional information in an article database such as PsycINFO.

For instance, if I am interested in Karl Marx and his theories,  I can type in Marx* with an asterisk because that’s telling the database that I’m looking for anything Marx related -  it will search for for Marx, Marxism and Marxist.

And then over here, from Select a Field, I’m going to choose Subject.  That’s telling the database I’m looking for anything Marx related in the subject line.

Underneath we already have Full Text checked and you can also limit to scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles if you like.

We’ll go ahead and click on Search

Visual:  Results list of full text search for Marx* in the Subject in the PsycINFO database

Narration:  And here I have a results list of articles available immediately in full text that have Marx, Marxism or Marxist in the subject line.  This is a great way to familiarize yourself with articles about theories and theorists, and you can always find additional resources by checking the reference lists of the articles to find more.