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Find Walden EdD project studies

Video link: Find Walden EdD project studies

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Visual:  Walden Library website

Narration:  This short video will demonstrate how to find a Walden Ed.D. Project Study.  From the Library home page, look for the Start Your Research tab …  choose Dissertations from the dropdown menu.

Visual:  Dissertations page

Narration:  On this page, we are looking for the link Dissertations & Theses at Walden University.

Visual:  ProQuest Dissertations Database

Narration:  We’re going to do an advanced search, so we’ll click on the Advanced Search link.

In the first search box, type in “project study.”  I’ve putting it in quotation marks to tell the database I am looking for “project study” as a phrase.  From the dropdown menu on the right, choose Document Text.  In the next search box, I’m going to enter Ed. D. and from the dropdown on the right, I’ll choose Degree.  This tells the database that I’m looking for Ed. D. project studies only.  Click on search to see your results.

Visual: ProQuest results page

Narration:  We’ll have to actually look at the PDF Full Text to determine if it really is a project study. 

Visual:  Title page of PDF

Narration:  The information about project study is usually found on the Title Page.  Here we can see, “Doctoral study project study submitted…”  that it really is a project study so we can go ahead and look at it as an example.

Visual: Library home page

Narration:   And remember, if you have any questions about this or other research in the library you can always ask a librarian.