Library Introduction - Transcript April 2 2023

Library Introduction

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Narration: An Online University needs an Online Library!

Visual: [Overview slide]

Narration: The Walden University Library is a collection of online databases and resources that support research in any of the programs that Walden offers.

The Library collections include over 170 databases of journals, ebooks, dissertations, news media available to you as a Walden student.  Whether you need to find a few sources for a course assignment or conduct a comprehensive literature review for a doctoral project, the Walden Library is the quickest way to get full access to the articles and content that you need.

You’ll find links to the Library in various places such as the student portal or your courses. Bookmark the Library site to have convenient access any time you need to do research.

Visual: [Using the Library slide]

Narration: You will also see this library search box on various sites around the university – this is your instant way to search across most of the databases in the Library collection, at once.   It’s a quick and easy way to search for what you need.

Sometimes, you may want to focus your search within a specific database. To find a specific database or to browse all the databases in the Library, use the Databases A to Z list. You can browse the database name alphabetically – or, sort the list by subject or content type.

You can also browse our Research by Subject list to find a compilation of the databases and resources important to program subject areas.

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Narration: Sometimes you may need to locate a particular journal, or a specific article.  Or perhaps you want to track down a newspaper story. Under Publications you can search for specific journals, newspapers, dissertations, e-books, and reference materials like encyclopedias and handbooks.  Search by the title of the journal or newspaper to locate it within the databases and then browse to the item that you need.


Visual: [Searching Library website]

Narration: If you are not sure where to start, you can search the Walden Library website using the main search box on the Library home page. Make sure you click on the Library Website button next to the search box, and then type your question.

On the results page you will see three columns. The first column will contain links to guides and webpages within the library. These guides have easy-to-follow directions and information on that topic.

The middle column will contain a list of Quick Answers. Quick Answers are the library’s frequently asked questions. They often contain step by step directions on Library skills as well as links to resources.

The third column will contain results from databases in the Library

Visual: [Banner slide]

Narration: The banner on the top of the website is accessible from any page within the library. This is helpful if you do not want to go back to the home page every time you want to search for something new.

From the Start your research link, you can quickly choose where you would like to search, one of our databases, by publication, or search by subject or population.

The Get Help page offers several resources to help you with your research and Library skills. You can review static guides, launch interactive tutorials, and view recorded webinars.

You can also find trouble shooting tips for technical issues.

Use the Services button to find out more on the resources the library provides, including the document delivery service.

The About button is where you can find out about our mission, staff, collections, holidays, and policies.

Visual: [Get help slide]

Narration: You can always find help in the Library by using Ask a Librarian.

Here you can email questions to the Library. We will answer your question within 24 hours, unless there is a holiday.

You can also join Office Hours. This is a live, informal setting where you can drop in to ask questions about the Library's collections and searching the databases. There are librarians available to help you and anyone else who joins at that time.

To learn a skill, join our live Group Advising. These one-hour sessions focus on specific library tasks and skills such as literature reviews, exploring the research literature, finding theories, and more. Sessions are offered at different times and days throughout the week.

Finally, Masters and Doctoral students can set up a 30 min, one-to-one appointment with a librarian to discuss their research and get personalized advice.

Reach out to get help any time you feel you’re not making progress – we’ll get you on your way to using the information you need to be a successful student.


Created April 2023 by Walden University Library