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Library Transcripts

Add a transcript

All video and webinar transcripts are housed in this guide.  The current PDF transcripts will be moved here as the guides are updated.


To add a transcript:

1.  Log in to LibGuides.

2.  Go to the Library Transcripts guide.

3.  Add a new page.

page title: video or webinar title (the page title only shows in the breadcrumbs; it is hidden in the public view of the guide)

page friendly URL: video or webinar title

4.  Add a standard box.

box title: video or webinar title

5. Add a rich text content item.

6. Add the transcript to the box.

How to write a transcript

The text should begin with a link to the video; this can be added later once you have the final video URL

  • After the link to the video, write​
    Begin transcript
  • The body of the transcript should consist of repeated instances of:

Visual: [text]

Narration: [text]

  • Each Visual section should give a brief description of what is on screen. Remember, transcripts are used by sighted students so you do not have to give every detail, just enough to help the student recognize that they are looking at the scene that corresponds to the narration.
  • Each Narration section should be a close transcript of the audio.
  • Give actual words spoken in the final version of the video.

  • Non-word audio such as Umm, ahh, or minor stutters can be excluded from the narration.
  • Switch to a new Visual section each time the on-screen visual notably changes.
  • Use your instinct. What visual cues would help someone match the written narration to what they see in the video?
  • Good times to start a new visual section:
    • the screen refreshes or changes (e.g. from a search entry screen to search results)
    • a pop-up appears
    • you scroll up or down the page
  • You may not need a new Visual section if you are only moving your mouse around the screen.
  • After the last Visual and Narration section, include this statement​
    Created [month] [year] by Walden University Library
  • See previous transcripts for examples