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ASC Success Strategies: Concept Mapping

Concept Mapping

Concept maps are used to visualize how ideas and concepts link together. They can also help you brainstorm related topics and help you organize your thoughts. Use the instructions and link below to create a concept map. 

  • Create your own mind map from scratch using the link below.
  • Begin by filling in the center main topic bubble with a short phrase that represents your topic (e.g., failure for businesses after 5-year mark)
  • Next, type in a key theme related to that center topic bubble (e.g., high employee turnover)
  • To complete this thread, write one supporting idea/piece of evidence for this theme (e.g., Cost of retraining new employee = 6-9 months’ salary (Burks, 2016))
  • When completed, save your work for future use.