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WriteCast Episode 70: APA 7 Update (Mini Lesson)

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WriteCast Episode 70: APA 7 Update (Mini Lesson)

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CLAIRE: Welcome to Write Cast: A Casual Conversation for Serious Writers, a monthly podcast by the Walden University Writing Center. I’m Claire Helakoski,


KACY: and I’m Kacy Walz.


CLAIRE: Today I’ll provide a brief update on APA’s 7th edition and what to expect at Walden

Hi, everyone! Claire Here. As you all know, we use the American Psychological Association—or APA--style at Walden. Today’ I’m providing an update on the APA’s recently released 7th edition manual and what that means for our Walden students.

Currently, students should continue using the 6th edition of the APA manual. Walden expects to continue to use the 6th edition through at least Spring 2020—so be on the lookout for additional updates and there’s nothing you need to change in your work at the moment!

Don’t panic! As you may have read in your myWalden portal, the Writing Center is working with academic leaders at Walden to fully understand any important changes with APA 7, as well as to decide on appropriate timelines for shifting to using APA 7 guidelines and what the student writing expectations that go with that will look like. 

In the meantime, we have an APA transition page with updates and announcements (which is available on the Writing Center website and linked in our show notes), and students and faculty can email with any additional questions.

As far as what to expect with the new guidelines, we at the Writing Center are still in the early stages of learning APA 7 and preparing for the transition. But we can share that we’re really excited about many of the updates and clarifications that APA has made in the new manual. 

We’ll be back next year with some changes to the podcast and more on APA 7, so stay tuned!

Until then, keep writing, keep inspiring!




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