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Chat hours starting January 4, 2016 (in Eastern time):

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Please see our Chat Policies for what types of questions we can answer.

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Writing Center Quick Answers


  • Check out our self-paced modules, which recently won the Online Learning Consortium's Effective Practice Award! Beth Nastachowski, manager of multimedia instruction and lead module person, has put together an infographic explaining modules and their effectiveness.

  • On April 6, Walden University’s chief academic officer announced to students and faculty that Walden papers no longer require a running head. See this blog post from the Writing Center for more information. Our course templates have been updated to reflect this change.

  • We have open paper review appointments every day this week! Log into or register for myPASS (my Paper Appointment Scheduling System), and make an appointment with one of our writing instructors for individualized feedback on your writing.

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Photograph by Matt Sharkey-Smith. Licensed for use by the Writing Center.