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Welcome, Writing Center Professionals!

If you have questions about the Walden University Writing Center, our services or resources, or our pedagogy for working with students, contact Brian Timmerman, Writing Center director. Let us know what you’ve found useful on our website, and we’re always happy to talk about our services.

The Writing Center's Website and Multimedia Instructional Content

The contents of this website were created by Writing Center's professional staff, except where noted. The webinar recordings, modules, blog posts, podcasts, and other multimedia instructional content, which are housed on various platforms and linked on this website, were also created by the Writing Center's staff. All of this content is copyrighted by Walden University. The informational and instructional resources are made available online under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Creative Commons License

Please feel free to use, reuse, copy, and distribute the instructional content on our pages!

The images are copyrighted by the respective photographers and creators; please contact us if you are interested in reusing these images.

Recommendations for Linking to Our Resources

Resources and links change regularly on our website. To maximize continuity of links, please follow these recommendations for linking to our resources. (Note: To link to a box on one of our webpages, look to the left menu column and click on the corresponding white box for box-level links.)

Type of Resource

Update Schedule

How to Link

How NOT to Link


Webinar recording

At least every 12 months

Link to the “box” the webinar recording lives in.

Do NOT link to the direct recording link.

Ensures updated information/link.



Link to the “box” the module lives in, as well as the technical information page.

Do NOT link to the module’s direct registration page.

Ensures students can access technical information.

Short videos

Every 12 months

Link to the “box” the short video lives in

There is no other way to link to these videos.

Ensures updated information/link.


Every month

Link to the podcast page or to the episode archive; include title and number of episode if directing student to a specific episode.

Please do NOT link to the SoundCloud page.

Ensures students have access to the archive, transcripts, and information on how to listen; encourages students to view other episodes and other Writing Center resources.


12-month audit cycle

Link to page-level URL or box-level URL.


We attempt to redirect any changes in URLs (such as with reorganization of pages or deletion of content).

Blog posts

Once per week on Monday

Link directly to the post by using the direct URL.

DO NOT link to the main blog page when pointing students to a specific blog post. Instead, provide the direct URL to that post. Link to the main blog page only if you’re just sharing the existence of the blog with students.

Ensures that students are able to find the precise post/information towards which you’re pointing them.

If you have any questions or suggestions about these recommendations, please let us know at