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OASIS Writing Skills

Common Assignments:

This guide includes tips on writing common course assignments.


Finally, the last part of each annotation should justify the source's use and address how the source might fit into your own research. Consider a few questions:

  • How is this source different than others in the same field or on the same topic?
  • How does this source inform your future research?
  • Does this article fill a gap in the literature?
  • How would you be able to apply this method to your area of focus or project?
  • Is the article universal?

First person may be appropriate to use in an application paragraph of the annotated bibliography, but doing so will depend on what aspects of the article you are discussing and faculty preferences. For example, if you are discussing how the article is applicable to your research project, first person may be appropriate. If you are talking about how the article relates to the literature or field as a whole, first person may not be appropriate. In all cases, be sure to follow our guidance on appropriate use of first person.

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