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Foundations - Library Resources: The Walden Library & Your Total Information Network

Walden Library resources & beyond

The Walden Library provides many resources to help students locate and retrieve robust research. You can find articles in our different resources by:

  • using a subject database listed on a subject research page;  choose your subject under Subject Resources on the Library website
  • locating required course readings or library-oriented assignment assistance on our Course Guides page
  • finding specific databases on the Databases A-Z page 

In the Beyond the Walden Library section further down the page in this guide, there are resources from outside of the Library to broaden your research horizon. A few of these resources include:

Finding articles and resources in a subject area:

Course Guides

Required course readings can be found in Course Guides in the Library. Use the Course Guides page to find guides for your courses. Also, many course guides have pages with help for specific assignments requiring Library research. If the course has assignment help, you will see a brown tab for that week’s assignment on the left side of the guide. 

Beyond the Walden Library

To be successful in your academic research, you may need to go beyond the collections in the Walden Library.  No library can contain everything, and many useful resources are already available for free on the Internet. Your Research Network should extend further through these resources. Below you'll find information about Google Scholar, Google Books, Local Public or Academic Libraries, and related Professional Organizations [via Career Planning and Development].

Google Scholar

Some Google Scholar searches may provide an overwhelming number of results causing you to miss important research. You may also spend a lot of time verifying if an article is peer reviewed, but it is still a great tool for comprehensive searching!

Learn more about Google Scholar on our guide.

Learn how to link Google Scholar to the Walden Library.

Video: Google Scholar Advanced Search

(1 min 18 sec) Recorded January 2018 

E-books beyond the Walden Library

Outside resources: local libraries & professional organizations


  • Were you able to find a relevant subject database for the research you may be performing? Did you know you can do a general search if you're not sure where you should start?

Try searching in one of our Multidisciplinary Databases  or Thoreau search multiple databases.

  • Did you try doing a Google Scholar search? Did you see any Find at Walden links to the right of the results? If not, click the link below for directions on how to connect the Walden Library to Google Scholar.

Link Google Scholar to the Walden Library