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Google Scholar: Google Scholar Results & Full Text

Full text from Google Scholar

Google Scholar puts links to full text to the right of the search results. You may see links with [PDF] for free online articles. The Find at Walden link will take you to full text in the Walden Library.


What are the options for getting full text through Google Scholar?

  1. Link Google Scholar to Walden Library (Learn how to connect Google Scholar to the Walden Library). You will see a Find @ Walden link when available in the Library.
  2. Look for links to the right of the article, in addition to or instead of the Find @ Walden link. Articles may be available for free from other universities or agencies.
  3. Click on the title. Often this will take you to the publisher's website, which will ask for payment to see the full text.
  4. There are a few occasions when clicking the title will take you to the full text. This is most common with items from ERIC or articles that are reproduced as HTML text on a website. Some publishers also offer selected full text articles for free as a marketing tool.

Connect Google Scholar to the Walden Library

Option 1: Search using Google Scholar pre-connected to the Walden Library

Access Google Scholar directly through the Library's website to use a pre-connected version.


Option 2: Manually connect Google Scholar to Walden Library

Follow these steps to manually link Google Scholar to the Walden Library collection:

  1. Go to Google Scholar ( 
  2. On the upper left side of your screen, click on the three lines icon.

  3. Click the Settings link or gear icon. Depending on your screen size, the link or icon may be at the top or the bottom of that section.

  4. In the left column, click on Library Links

  5. In the search box, type in Walden and click the Search button.
  6. An option for Walden University Library - Find @ Walden will appear below the search box.Check the box next to it to select it.
    Note: If you see the a box for Open WorldCat - Library Search box, check that too. This will allow Google Scholar to link to any freely available content.

  7. Click Save. Google Scholar will remember this setting until you clear your browser cookies
    Now when you search Google Scholar, you will see Find @ Walden links to the right of articles available in the Library.
  8. Click on the Find @ Walden link to access the article.



  • When you click on Find @ Walden you will be asked to login with your Walden username and password.
  • You may see a list of databases that contain the article; you will need to click on one of these database links to be taken to the article.
  • Pay attention to the years listed by the database links, as databases may have different publication years available.  Click on the database you want to try and it should take you to the article.

Google Scholar Help

These guides from the Google Scholar website offer tips to help you learn to use Google Scholar.