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Foundations - Library Resources: Course Readings & Assignment Help

Your Course Guide: finding required readings and assignment help

Walden courses typically have a variety of required course materials.  You may get textbooks and course packs from the Bookstore, and you may access some weekly readings from links in the course room.  Some of your required course readings are held in the Library databases.  Every course with required Library readings has a Course Guide. Use your course's guide to save time and complete your assignments!

Course Guides may contain:

  • direct links to the full text of all Library readings
  • tabs to assignment-specific Library help
  • selected writing and APA help

How to find your course guide

1.  From the Library home page, click the Course Readings button (located on the left side of the page).

2.  Identify the course code for your course. It will have four letters (for the program), and four numbers.

     (e.g. NURS 6001)

3.  Select the appropriate button on the left side of the page, based on the first letter of your course code:


4. Select the tab with your course code (e.g. NURS).  Then, select your course from the list of courses:


Once you've located your guide, explore what it holds for you.  The Required Course Readings are listed on the main page:       


Many course guides have pages with help for specific assignments requiring library research. If the course has assignment help, you will see a brown tab for that week’s assignment on the left side of the guide. Click this tab for information and help with this particular discussion post or assignment.


Week 4 tab located under Welcome & Course Readings tab


Wait!  What if there isn't a course guide for your course?

If there are no required readings from the Library for your course, there may not be a course guide.  If you're unsure if your course should have a guide, please contact the Library using the Ask a Librarian phone number or web form. We'll be happy to check your course and create a guide if one has been missed!

Finding optional readings

Your course may also suggest optional readings.  These readings are not required for your weekly activities, but they may be useful for enhancing your understanding of the subject.  The Walden University Library does not hold all of the optional readings, and since they are optional, you may not wish to spend extra time or money to obtain them.  Here's how you can quickly check the Library to see if we hold the reading you're seeking:

Finding optional articles

Finding optional books or book chapters