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Intro to Form and Style Review: Top 10 Reasons for Delays

Top 10 Reasons for Delays at the F&S Review

The completion of your form and style review could sometimes be delayed for the following 10 reasons. In order to avoid delays at this step in the process, students should familiarize themselves with these items and revise accordingly before submitting the manuscript.

Number Problem Solution
1 Preliminary pages missing, incomplete, or out of order. Use the template for your program.
2 Abstract longer than one page. See guidance on writing the abstract.
3 Formatting problems (e.g., not in APA 6 or 7, missing/manually inserted page numbers, incorrect margins/indents, incorrect headings, manual returns in every line, missing dot leaders in Table of Contents). Use the template for your program. Consult the Academic Skills Center's Microsoft Word resources.
4 Word choice not edited from proposal stage (e.g., completed study must be described in past tense; it cannot be described as “proposal” or “proposed”). Search for will or propose to locate language that may need updating to reflect that the study is complete. Use Find and Replace, and use the Find Next button rather than Replace All to avoid replacing instances that may still be appropriate (e.g., for implications of the study or social change implications). Also see the resource on verb tense considerations from the proposal to the final study and revise accordingly.
5 Grammar errors, unclear paragraph organization, or lack of logical progression of ideas. Writing is difficult to comprehend due to (a) jargon, (b) long strings of direct quotes unframed by analysis, or (c) juxtaposition of ideas without synthesis. Use Grammarly, the Doctoral Capstone Form and Style website, or an Academic Skills Center (ASC) writing course.
6 Walden IRB approval number missing from the narrative (typically the methodology section) or in an appendix. Include IRB approval number in methods section or in an appendix (do not include the entire consent form).
7 Copyrighted material included without written permission. See ProQuest copyright guide and information on copyright law in graduate research.
8 Literature review lacks synthesis and includes overuse of direct quotes or sources that were not peer reviewed and/or literature review relies on a limited number of sources. Use Doctoral Capstone Form and Style website resources and webinars, or take the CAEX course on writing a literature review.
9 Draft includes academic integrity violations. See the Student Affairs guide for using and interpreting results from SafeAssign.
10 Reference list entries do not comply with APA 6 format, especially for electronic sources. Reference list entries and text citations do not align. See Reference List page on the Writing Center website, especially the Common Reference List Examples. To check citation and reference list matches, there is a tool called Recite.